Black Orchid Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Title picture
The game menu is a series of alert boxes: i.e. choosing difficulty (against computer)
Gender selection
Moby, the heroine of light, and her game menu: hire troops, get information, build buildings and watch the map
Starting situation: evil (black) is always in the north, good (white) is in the south
Buying troops: their leaders have different strengths
Another one to hire
Special forces (1): you can recruit these giving additional boons. But they only exist once, so recruiting them disallows the opposite player to recruit them
Special forces (2): the dragon can only be gained by finding its lair
Building menu - you can only build on cells that belong to your kingdom
Magic menu: you can cast spells as long as you have enough points -- with exceptions like heals must be done the round after a fight
Light has build a tavern for cheaper recruitment, black has the bigger force
Not only my army is lost, also the special unit "Thief" robbed my whole money
Switching to the dark side makes things easier against the AI. Black is now me, conquering the world
Shortly before the win: two keeps, two mines, tavern and hundred of troops. But you can only park 8 on a cell
I am sorry, but this castle is now mine!