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HOW-TO: weather system

And Wan (1) on Mar 03, 2009

I think B&W had tones of great ideas & functionality for a late 1990's game (even though it came out in 2001... should've came out in 1999 coz it was in 5 years in development).

The weather system says you can get the same weather in the game as outside your window. Does that mean if it's raining in Scotland all the time... then in B&W we can get an abundance of trees?? Anyway... it says to get it working we need to log into at least once.. & previous signed up an account. Ofcourse... we got same problem with the naming villagers email feature.... there is no more B&W Online...

It would be cool if Lionhead or someone figured out the registry settings for the weather system.. possibly pointing to local machine with another utility to desribe the weather...