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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Mission selection
Mission loading
Beginning the last mission.
Shooting gets lots of dust up in the air.
Cars explode when you shoot at them.
Removing the silencer.
Some missions are great to start by popping some heads with silenced guns.
I am not the only one who likes to shoot at gas barrels.
Tombstones provide protection while under fire by snipers.
Loading screen
The sun shines through the blinds.
Big car explosion
Reloading the shotgun, the focus shifts to near objects and the background gets blurry.
They are coming in through the walls.
Poor comrade got hit by rocket.
Fight between me and the tower
This building got rid of its windows.
Dead enemies drop weapons and health packs.
Every bullet ends up somewhere.

Xbox version

The start screen
The start menu is rather bare!
Black allows you to use your own custom soundtrack.
This screen is were you can select your missions.
This soldier is one of your non-controllable teammates.
The way enemies fall down dead is hilarious!
He slid down all the way from the top!
Lots of places for enemies to hide and ambush you.
This old farmyard was full of bad guys.
This old bone yard has excellent cover spots.
One of the enemies bases
They call this part of the level sniper alley.
This dark and gloomy factory holds lots of ammo.
The old asylum has many hidden spots.
One of your objectives it to blow up machinery.
The bullets really do fly in Black!
Most weapons can be fitted with a silencer (if you can find it!).
It's best to get a clip in quick before a firefight.
The majority of weapons have three fire modes.
You can take weapons from dead enemies.
Grenades are an ops' best friend!
The magnum hand gun has one of the best reload animations I have ever seen on the Xbox!
Sometimes you need to go in all guns blazing.
Going for a sneaky head shot.
Sniping is great fun!

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