Blackguards Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen (demo version)
Main menu (demo version)
Character creation (demo version)
A part of the character sheet (demo version)
The intro (demo version)
The first fight against a wolf (demo version)
The protagonist is imprisoned and tortured (demo version)
Choosing the next action from the ability wheel (demo version)
Our reward for a won battle (demo version)
Dungeons are "explored" with a map (demo version)
We used interactive elements to crush our enemies (demo version)
Inventory (demo version)
Some dialogues have minor decisions to make (demo version)
The world map (demo version)
Visiting a city (demo version)
You can find merchants, inns and characters with side quests in cities.
What in other RPGs is called Power Attack.
Every city or town basically has this adventure-styled panoramic view with hotspots. This one's pretty big.
A typical medieval brawl against a lady's personal guards.
Highlighting the area for my fireball.
There's a time limit here to save the hostage you see in the background.
Another hotspots-only sequence.
The Questlog has some sorting options that lets you view only the current side quests or only finished main quests, for example. They're also divided by chapter.
I think this is what we call the perfect placement.
I just want to clarify that despite your first impression she's not a high elf, only a half-elf.
What ho archer on the balcony!
In a real tabletop RPG session, I might in fact choose the rice paddies.
Instead we have to club some poor blokes until they drop.
This is our new home, the gladiators' arena.
The city of Mengbilla can be considered to be this world's metropolis, the biggest settlement in the game.
Except for the ending, I found the Iribaar Lilies to be the toughest enemies in the game.
Travelling on the world map.
Holding the cursor over an attribute will highlight what base values it influences
Ambushed by a pack of cute caimans.
Yay, a bar fight.
And here is the damage. The mandatory broken tables.
A reputable establishment, as you can see.
You might see the shadow of a dragon to the left--it is dropping boulders from above.