Blackthorne Screenshots

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DOS version

Reverse Shoot
A Green Enemy
A Red Enemy
The Cannon
The End - You Are Dead !
Our Hero
European Title
A Blue Enemy
Slow motion of killing the green orc.
Lighting effects aren't any 3D state of art, but you sure will know when you're being shot at.
Whip holders cannot be harmed much by a shotgun, bomb is needed.
Whenever orc looks at the screen, he's grinning to you. Maybe he thinks you didn't notice that spider bomb.
To activate a bridge you must have a key... you can try jumping across but...
Sup down 'ere? What's with the bomb orchestra?
Meateating plans are having problems digesting you... they always seem to explode for no apparent reason, hehe. Maybe they bite at your shotgun trigger.
Pow! Right in the head. Now I'm really angry!
Hey you there, hiding behind that stone!? I see you.
No, this is no highly increased gama contrast. Screen really goes weird when things explode around ya ;)
These stone golems can actually only be destroyed while walking.
Your enemies are mostly orcs, and their color tells you about their strength and weapon they carry.
Sarlac! I've been looking for you. I think we have some score to settle.

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen / Main menu.
Choose one amongst SIX (!) files to save your game progress.
Introduction frame – The monstrous King Vlaros, followed by his "sidekicks", plans the next move.
Get some hints in practice mode.
Hang on and climb up edges.
Climb up ladders.
Blast some doors with bombs.
Duel: Press 'up' to hide and avoid being shot.
Duel: Wait for a useful moment to shoot your enemy.
Duel: shoot the enemy backwards.
Duel: after you've been hit, the enemy laughs, a good moment to shoot.
Exit each level by an elevator.
The red guys have bombs.
This blue guy cannot be shot, just use a bomb.
Use a key to activate the bridge.
Use your bombs to destroy power supplies.
Avoid cannons by ducking.
Go through passages hidden behind waterfalls.
The purple guy has some remote wasps.
Use remote wasps to remotely blast guys and other things.
Game over screen

Macintosh version

Title screen
Starting out. The mac version features hi-res artwork
The violence is also censored. You can only blow the SWEAT out of them.

SEGA 32X version

Title Screen
Have a conversation with the other characters.
Hiding in the Shadows
Animated introduction
I might just be the chosen one!
Backgrounds get a nice upgrade over other versions.
The Desert
Scary Castle

SNES version

Damn he's evil!
... our young Hero is given the light stone ...
... and sent to another dimension until he is strong enough to return and defeat Sarlac.
The first area
Using a Hover Bomb to blast a door
Hostile ;)
Talking to one of the slaves
Fighting an orc
You have to destroy the terminal to get past the barriers
The second area - a primeval forest
A dead orc. There's no blood in the SNES version.
One of the bigger enemies
The third area - a desert
Man-eating plants
The fourth area - Sarlac's keep
A trap!
Game Over

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