The Blackwell Convergence Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Main menu
Newspaper is a good place to look for your next job
Joey doesn't need an opening to enter
This clipping could provide some insight about the ghost haunting the place
He's threatening to jump
Acting as a conduit to the next world
Opening credits main title
Computer desktop
This home page is obviously under construction... how nostalgic
Checking emails
Ah, the appointment is written on the calendar... I better hurry
Commenting on the family photos
Rosangela's apartment didn't change much since the first game
Your first case as a medium
The building hallway
Use Oogle search engine to find out more about certain people and events
Your neighbour, Nishanti, introducing you to Monique
A strange dream
Okay, the address of the place is on a business card, plain and simple
Visiting Monique at Cubestar Films
City map
A ghost in the park
Your notebook will keep all the gathered clues you can inquire about
The Minetta tavern
The portrait of Joe Gould
Joey knows how to get attention from the animals
In front of Frank's apartment
Without a key, only Joey can search the apartment for clues
Movie script
Joey's tie is used to connect Rosangela with a ghost that is ready to leave this world
Time to go into the light
This ghost lady is as scary as she is crazy
Joey getting Rosa up to speed on what has happened with the Countess
The dreams are starting to make sense
The face in that photo sure looks familiar
Talking to Paul Meltzer
Hacking email accounts
Commenting on the paintings
The Countess killed the artist
Talking to Mr. Goldwater by the lighthouse
Hiding from the Countess
A metaphorical diner
Can't read much here, but that paperclip could come in handy
Mitchell had a brief encounter with Rosangela's aunt
In the kitchen with Joe Gould
Paul sure looks petrified
Bonus artwork

Windows version

Main Menu
Introduction sequence
The first room also acts as a tutorial.
Reading an obituary.
Title Screen
During conversations, character portraits are shown.
Use the 0ogle search engine to look up information.
Reading Rosa's e-mails.
Visiting the opening of an art gallery.
A location Rosa never gets used to.
Visiting a movie production office.
The map where different locations are shown.
Another confused ghost near a bridge
The Minetta is a local bar.
Joey searches an apartment.
An encounter with a familiar character
An investment company
When moving over hotspots, a text description appears.
A list of notes for the characters to use during conversations.
Talking to an artist who knows more about a certain lady.
Outside Rosa's apartment
A powerful encounter
Stranded in a strange location
Two old ghosts bickering.
This essay is illegible.
An encounter near the end of the game
Main menu, GOG version
Newspaper is a great place to find new cases
On the case to save the accidental suicide ghost
Pretending to be the ghost's wife
New piece of key info has just been added to your notebook
Game options
Computer desktop
A clipping from your first case as a medium
A photo of your parents with your aunt and Joey in the background
Talking to Nashanti, your beighbour
Check the name card to find out the person's address, email or phone number
At Minetta, talking to a barman
The portrait of Joe Gould, renowned bum
Animals can see Joey
Joey can peek through the locked door
The movie script
Helping ghosts move on with their life
A struggle in the park
The Dark Lady picture sure looks familiar
Joey's ghost can mess up the wireless router
Talking to a struggling artist
If you know the password, you can log into anyone's bmail account
The murdering ghost strikes again
Rosangela going with Countess to fix things once and for all

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  • The Blackwell Convergence Screenshot
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  • The Blackwell Convergence Screenshot
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  • The Blackwell Convergence Screenshot
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  • The Blackwell Convergence Screenshot
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  • The Blackwell Convergence Screenshot
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  • The Blackwell Convergence Screenshot
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