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Game Boy Color

Advertising Blurbs – Game Boy Color:
    The Day Walker is prowling the streets, and the hunt is on.

    Activision's tribute to Marvel's ultra-slick vampire hunter Blade is a surprisingly rich action game with great graphics and challenging gameplay. Inspired by the movie but exploring a new storyline, Blade features the likenesses of acting stars Kris Kristofferson and Wesley Snipes.

    Blade's Game Boy Color incarnation is just as agile and deadly as his Snipes-inspired silver screen counterpart. Due to flying swords, splattering vampire guts and frequent gunfire, Blade has earned a "T" (Teen) rating by the ESRB. Games rated "T" are suitable for persons ages 13 and older.

    How did Blade become the baddest vampire hunter in the world? Blade's mother was killed by a vampire just as she was giving birth to her son, which gave Blade the immortal powers of the undead and the soul of a human. As a result, Blade is not restrained by normal vampire weaknesses. Sunlight does not turn him into a bubbling mass of jelly, and he doesn't spend his nights munching on mortals. Instead, Blade has sworn to hunt down all vampires, particularly the cursed soul who took his mother's life.

    In this game, Blade discovers a band of newblood vampires sporting tattoos which don't match any established vampire clans. Aided by his human mentor Whistler, Blade sets out to determine exactly what kind of evil this new undead organization is planning to inflict on human kind.

    The most appealing aspect of Blade's crusade against the vampire community is his awesome mastery of martial arts and his nimble skill with razor-sharp weaponry. This aspect of Blade's nature has been brought to life in the game, through a wide variety of special moves and different ways to take out vampires. Succesful vampire slayers have to use a broad range of advanced fighting techniques to pull off killer combos and crush big bosses.

    After slapping a vampire around a few times, the evil enemy becomes momentarily stunned. Blade can then take out the foe with his bare hands, or pound a silver spike through the vampire's chest. If he's feeling particularly vengeful, Blade can even hurl a dart filled with vampire-killing serum into the blood-sucker's neck.

    A whole new group of special attacks becomes available after blocking an enemy's attack, which adds a great deal of variety to the gameplay. In certain scenarios, Blade pulls out his signature sword and gains the ability to perform even more attacks. Half the fun in this game is making use of these moves, so we've provided a complete move list to help you fully enjoy your vampire hunting.

    Another of Blade's outstanding features is its non-linear gameplay. When the game begins, you get to choose which level you'd like to tackle first. If you begin on Level One, your mission will be much easier than if you choose to begin on Level Three. You can find special items in each stage to make your journey easier, but if you're too cool to take the easy route then you can opt to leave these items uncollected.

    At the conclusion of each level, Blade is rewarded points based on his performance. These points are cashed in for money, which Blade uses to pay for improvements to his armor, weapons and other skills.

    Ending the life of an immortal ... sounds impossible, right? Nothing's impossible for Blade, but it's definitely not easy. The boss vampires can be extremely difficult to defeat, especially if you don't make use of Blade's special moves. Blade's unsavory subject matter makes it unsuitable for young gamers, and it's intense difficulty level makes it equally unsuitable for novice gamers.

    Thankfully, though, the challenges in Blade come from good enemy design rather than poor play control. If you think you're ready to go toe-to-tooth with the nastiest vampires in the world, then Blade's waiting for you.

    Now available, Blade is compatible only with Game Boy Color.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (59197) on May 27, 2005.

Press Release - PlayStation and Game Boy Color:

    Activision Brings Marvel’s Master Slayer To The PlayStation Game Console and Game Boy Color

    Santa Monica, CA – November 21, 2000 – Denizens of the night beware, Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) has unleashed Marvel’s master vampire hunter, Blade, to the PlayStation game console and Game Boy Color. As a prequel to the Blade movie, the game lets players assume the role of the day walker in an all-new vampire slaying rampage. Blade for the PlayStation is currently available at retail outlets nationwide at a suggested retail price of $39.99 and is rated “M” (Mature – with Animated Blood and Gore and Animated Violence). Blade for Game Boy Color is available at retail outlets nationwide at a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated “T” (Teen – with Animated Blood and Animated Violence).

    “The dark and foreboding atmosphere of the movie and the comic lends itself perfectly to a video game adaptation,” said Marcus Iremonger, senior producer, Activision European Studios. “As the first games ever based on the property, the Blade titles remain true to their source with an incredible stories and unabashed over the top action.”

    Played from a third person perspective, Blade for the PlayStation game console immerses players in the macabre world of modern day vampire lore. Throughout the game’s 21 environments including the Gothic City Museum, City Sewers, Cargo Ship and Chinatown, players will face down 32 creature variants from the Vampire Ninjas to the giant Night Beast. To help slayers dispatch their prey, Blade features the ultimate arsenal to battle the undead including swords, guns with special silver tipped ammo, ultra-violet grenades and a variety of lethal hand-to-hand moves.

    Players need not fear the night any longer, as Blade’s advanced auto-aim system ensures that combat is focused on reactions and weapon selection rather than pinpoint accuracy. Additionally, cinematic cut-scenes provide the player with options that will affect the path of the game for unique gameplay experiences.

    Blade on Game Boy Color features seven thrilling levels of side scrolling mayhem. Gamers utilize three fighting styles as well as machine guns, shotguns, swords, “boomerang” blades, knives and throwing syringes while fighting 18 enemy types and seven bosses.

    Blade was developed by HammerHead Ltd. for the PlayStation game console in conjunction with Activision. Blade for Game Boy Color was developed by HAL Corporation for Activision.

    With a library of over 4,700 proprietary characters, Marvel Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: MVL) is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies. Marvel's operations are focused in five divisions: entertainment (Marvel Studios), licensing, toys (Toy Biz), comic book publishing and Internet/New Media. Marvel facilitates the creation of entertainment projects, including feature films, television, home video and the Internet, based on its characters and also licenses its characters for use in a wide range of consumer products and services including video and computer games, apparel, collectibles, snack foods and promotions. Marvel's characters and plot lines are created by its comic book division which continues to maintain a leadership position in the U.S. and worldwide while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. For additional information visit the Marvel Web site at

    Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision, Inc. is a leading worldwide developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment and leisure products. Founded in 1979, Activision posted revenues of $572 million for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2000.

    Activision maintains operations in the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, and the Netherlands. More information about Activision and its products can be found on the company's World Wide Web site, which is located at

    Contributed by skl (1138) on Feb 18, 2004.

Back of Box - Game Boy Color:


    You're Blade, the world's baddest vampire hunter. When a vampire clan gets deadly, you go deep to do some serious demon killing. Expert martial arts and an arsenal of intense weapons send the undead to an early grave. Again. Plan on staying up late tonight - an even greater evil awaits.

    Live the film.
    Take on all the gruesome creatures of the night.

    Ammo, baby!
    Guns, knives, poison darts... and of course, swords.

    Choose your poison.
    Variable difficulty, multiple endings, constant action.

    Contributed by Corn Popper (69568) on May 04, 2003.

    Gothic City's most lethal 'Daywalker' is called Blade. Neither human nor Vampire, but born with the otherworldly strength of the undead, Blade is the city's deadliest vampire hunter. Together with his friend and mentor, Abraham Whistler, he has sworn an oath to rid the world of these deadly predators once and for all¿

    Now that rival gangs have ignited a deadly feud that threatens to rip the city apart, Blade embarks on some serious demon demolition. And when he goes on a killing spree, Blade means business.

    With loads of ammo and 24 gothic locations to stalk around, this game lets you literally live the film as you take on a host of gruesome creatures of the night. Plan on staying up late tonight - this game will have you as red-eyed and pale as the living dead!

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (544) on Sep 11, 2001.