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Blade Screenshots

Game Boy Color version

Title screen
Map. This is where you pick what level you want to go to.
Inventory menu at the shop
Here are Blade's weapons
Intro to level 1
Level 1 is a fixed shooter. Watch out for enemies coming from the sides.
Blade must blast at enemies as they pop out of hiding before the throw things at him
Blasting away at monsters
A single green guy is no match for an automatic weapon.
Level 2: The subway
Punching away at a baddie
An old-fashioned go arrow
Blade takes on two zombies with a military/retro fashion sense
part two of the subway. Look out! He has a knife.
He takes a cheap shot at Blade.
Blade has him stunned
Level 3: Chinatown
Blade vs Sonic the Hedgehog
A cutscene in Chinatown
Blade found a sword and is taking on a boss