Blagger Goes to Hollywood Ad Blurbs (Commodore 64)

Blagger Goes to Hollywood Commodore 64 Title


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Advertising Blurbs

UK Advert:
    Has our dapper little hero overstepped the mark this
    time or can he truly outcon the best conmerchants
    in the business. Dazzled by the bright lights,
    stunned by the stars, Blagger has decided his way
    to fame and fortune is in the movies - he's off to
    nick the best megadrama to hit the big screen.
    Guide him through 12 loony film sets as he gathers
    the objects that will open room 13.

    Each screen image represents
    only 1/70th of total playing area

    Arcade fanatics and Adventure buffs alike,
    BOTH have something for all - only skill at the
    joystick and determined brainpower in
    the unique use of the movie
    props, will solve this
    intricate puzzle
    for you.

    In classic movie tradition, simulated 3D and big sound soundtrack with 4 way scrolling action

    Contributed by Katakis | カタキス (39520) on Apr 05, 2008.