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Commodore 16, Plus/4
BBC Micro

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Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 2 3.8
BBC Micro 1 4.0
Commodore 16, Plus/4 2 3.0
Commodore 64 1 4.0
Electron 1 4.0
MSX 2 3.9
Combined MobyScore 9 3.7

The Press Says

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Commodore 16, Plus/4Commodore User
To be honest I find these type of games infuriating and at times utterly soul-destroying. It takes you half an hour to work out exactly when and where you have to jump to avoid being zapped by some gremlin or other, nonchalantly strolling around the screen. Then when you do work it out it's on to the next screen only to be wiped out in a matter of seconds due to total ignorance of what's coming at you and where it's coming from. Then you're back to square one and it's no easier the second time around, or the two hundredth for that matter. Still, I suppose that's the appeal of it really. Blagger's great and I'll play it till the cows come home, but I hate it.