Blast Thru Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts by loading the eGames 'Game Browser'. If the more modern eGames 'Games Butler' is present it will not recognise that Blast Thru exists
The game's user documentation can be accessed via the Game Browser
The game's title screen
The game's menu
Playing a team game. This is the start of level one with player one in control. Player two will take over on the partly demolished screen that player one leaves
The game plays like all games of this type, the paddle moves back and forwards to collect the ball and power-ups. Here the player has collected a few paddle lengthening ones
The level editor is really easy to use. Left click to place a block, left click and drag to create a line, right click to undo
Custom levels can be saved and played. The generation of power ups seems to happen automatically, that is to say they occurred when this was played and were not setup manually
The Hall of Fame is supplied with no high scores to beat which means the first twenty scores will all set records! Whoopee! I'm a champion!
One of the later levels. This one is hard because so many blocks need to be hit multiple times