BlaZeon Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Blasting the waves of aliens.
Huge asteroid.
Kill the robot and take it's suit.
Power-ups are suits.
Keep blasting.
Another robot.
About to be shot.
Blasting the ship.

SNES version

Title Screen
Just another day savin' the universe.
Oh what are you? I want you!
Freezing an enemy
The most common of the units you can commandeer, this robot can fire three streams of bullets (two if damaged) and has a short range shield that can block some bullets.
A small step up, this GM look-alike can move its lasers around, letting you hit enemies from a safe position.
Warping into a boss fight.
The first boss can move its turrets between any panel, but it is a cakewalk compared to what's still to come.
End of stage results screen
Nice view from up here.
Tearing out this bio-ship's weapons one at a time.
Round 2 with the ship starts with a firepower upgrade. This robot comes with two rounds for an incredibly powerful short range blast.
The bio-ship starts breaking apart into meaty chunks.
Only time in the game this enemy shows up, but when they get into formation they will blanket the screen with lasers.
Boss #2 forms up like Voltron to go to town on your shiny metal ass.
This robot's straight rifle and angled bombs make it useful in many situations.
This midboss hasn't even been finished but it charges in guns blazing anyways.
Damaging it only makes it and its fin funnels madder.
This pair of bosses will fling all kinds of crap at you.
Just before the scrap yard you get your only shot at picking up this unique defensive robot.
They don't build them like they used to.
Even the mid bosses get more tenacious.
Half-dead and armed to the teeth.
Another day...