Blazing Star Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Game starts
Everything explodes
In forest
Robots squadron
Collect event items
Boss fight
Boss cut in half
Stage 1 clear
Second stage
Bigger enemy
Energy balls
Enemy ship
Space station
Dynamic action
Second boss appears
Long tail
Space construction
Next robot to kill
Smaller enemies

Neo Geo version

The intro.
Animated intro.
One of the ships. Also, from the intro.
Title screen.
How to play.
Ship selection screen.
Stage 1. The desert of grand shell.
The graphics are great, the action is fast. Everything goes boom.
The big one is closing in, apparently.
First boss.
And now he's gone. My skill is great, apparently.
Stage 2. The route of nemesis.
Thanks for the heads-up.