Block Breaker Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

J2ME version

Title screen
The announcement of the secret tournament in The Daily Hush! Hush!
The different locations on the map
Michelle welcomes you to Marco's Groove.
Buy missing gifts in Blockbreaker Emporium.
With the laser, you can shoot the bricks while keeping an eye on the ball.
Gigaballs can destroy multiple bricks at once.
Collecting a shield power-up activates a horizontal bar below your paddle.
Level complete, gift collected.
The level boss of the Neon Rose bar
The green bricks show cracks because they need to be hit multiple times.
The level boss of The Timeout club
The orange bricks can cause a chain of explosions.
The red power-up makes your paddle smaller, the blue ones enlarges it.
This tricky challenge in Marco's groove requires a lot of precision, and a magnet power-up.
First level of the Coconut Beach Casino

Windows version

Title screen
World map
Introduction of Neon Rose, the first playing area
Begin of level 1
Multiball in action; the "3" power-up at the right is a new multiball power-up
Level completed
Level statistics
Gray bricks are indestructible, gray/orange can only be broken from the orange side
Magnetic paddle and more destructive balls
Huge explosions destroying many bricks
Boss battle; the spider is creating new blocks filling the entire screen
Second stage
Boss battle of the second stage; avoid the laser blasts of the boss
"Boss" level of the third stage; no boss, but a challenge, new rows are created every few seconds