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LinuxSoftpedia (Dec 05, 2011)
Blocks that Matter is a game that matters. There are a lot of indie games out there and not many have the right stuff to make it. Maybe this is all it takes to be successful, a simple robot and the ability to place four blocks at a time.
WindowsDestructoid (Sep 12, 2011)
For five bucks on Steam, this is a hard one to pass up if you like puzzle games. I had a ball playing it, and seven hours passed without me noticing. I recommend Blocks That Matter to fans of blocks, and just about anyone who loves indie games.
WindowsIGN (Sep 27, 2011)
Blocks That Matter is an intriguing action puzzler that is as cute as it is challenging. While the campaign probably won't take you more than five or six hours to get through (and a lot less than that if you know what you're doing), the bonus levels and community levels will keep you entertained as long as you wish.
Windows3D Juegos (Aug 25, 2011)
Gran demostración de la buena salud de los videojuegos digitales con este Blocks That Matter. Un título de plataformas y rompecabezas de lo más original que cautivará el corazoncito de los aficionados a este tipo de lanzamientos.
WindowsMMGN (Aug 26, 2011)
Perhaps the reason this game has such a capacity to be successful is because it offers frustratingly difficult puzzles in an amazingly relaxing setting. The level design is sublime, offering a difficult experience for even the most seasoned puzzle gamers, yet the difficulty-curve and community content ensure that anybody can give this game a crack. If you’re a puzzle gamer, or a fan of Tetris, Minecraft, or both, be sure to check out this title!
WindowsGamekult (Sep 27, 2011)
Les titres mixant la plate-forme et la réflexion ne sont pas nouveaux, mais celui de Swing Swing Submarine parvient à une symbiose admirable entre les deux genres, en s'inspirant "simplement" de deux jeux entrés dans la légende. Pour un prix modique, Blocks That Matter offre de quoi faire fonctionner les méninges des joueurs occasionnels mais aussi des plus acharnés grâce à la collecte des blocs spéciaux et aux étoiles, sans parler des possibilités offertes par l'éditeur de niveaux une fois habitué à son utilisation. Le jeu étant de plus un régal pour les oreilles et un spectacle sympathique pour les yeux, on aurait tout à fait tort de s'en priver.
WindowsGamePro (US) (Aug 25, 2011)
With over 40 challenging stages to push through and bot upgrades that reward you with cool retro game blocks to collect on repeat play throughs, Blocks That Matter has a lot of content for its meager price. But despite the immense level of creativity infused throughout the entire experience, there are still moments where the gameplay is not that enjoyable to muscle through. Unless you crave a good brain bending, your mileage may vary with this one.