Blood Bowl Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading Screen
Choosing a team.
Turn-based mode features dice-roll-decisions.
Yes, you can even play top-down.
My man got tackled and that means the round ends for me.
I've the ball but can't move much more this round.
Creating a team.
Choose your fix.
Sponsors are a good way to get additional money.
Before the game you can buy a little help for your team.
Concentration mode allows you to give orders in real-time-mode.
Running for the endzone - should I risk losing the pass or just try to outrun the Skaven? I did the latter and scored!
One out with an injury and one out because of a red card.
The referee saw that I kicked that Skaven when he was down.
That Skaven scored a touchdown - that little rat!
Skaven are no match for my orcs.
I won but it could've been better.
Galdar gained enough experience points for a level up.
Norse team
time to begin!
nice viewpoint, but useless
can you see "TOUCHDOWN"? Go there.
Touchdown. :D
Cheerleaders with beer.
-Grab the ball! -HULK SMASH!!
next cheerleaders.

Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
Choose your team.
Loading Screen
If you attack/defend with two or more players, you can choose the result yourself.
My team killed an orc-player.
We won the game.
Lizardman vs. Ogre - who will win?
Our little, ball-carring lizardman is surrounded by enemies.
The top-down-view is very useful to see what's up.
Two vs. two - will Chaos try to pick up the ball this round?
So close and still failed to make the touchdown.
My ball-carrier has to deal with two goblins.
I guess next round they'll manage to do the touchdown if I can't pick it up now.
Goblins are weak - one hit and their players are out for the game.
My little Lizardman can move a good deal over the field.
The orcs knocked over one of my guys and have the ball - not looking good.
Choose your next tournament.
The dwarves have the ball and a secret weapon.
Touchdown for the dwarves.
Meet the humans.
Kick-off in a dwarven city.
In real-time-mode every player has a role assigned to him (shown by the triangles and circles and such).
Giving an order in concentration mode.
Blitz-mode allows you to train one of your players before the match.