Blood of the Zombies Screenshots

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Android version

Animated zombie at the title screen
Movie-like intro to the game
How to play this
Gruesome loading screen
Throwing two dice to determine the hero's initial Stamina
And the adventure begins
Choice to make...
There are a few NPCs to interact with
Adventure sheet: your stamina, dollars, grenades and more
Trading. You can't buy it all, and some things will prove more useful depending on your further route.
It's wise to make a bookmark (save) before a tough choice or battle
Zombies attack
Fighting zombies with a penknife
Achievement unlocked
You can read about the history of Fighting Fantasy series in the Extras section
Adventure sheet: in no time you'll find yourself carrying a lot of stuff
You can view any illustrations in full screen mode
Shotgun is a powerful weapon dealing 1D6+5 damage. Each zombie has only 1 hit point.
When you decide to throw a grenade (2D6+1) a dice roll will determine the damage zombies? What were they doing there before they got infected?
In some cases you need to roll the die in non-combat situations to determine the outcome. Like here, where I have triggered a trap.
You have managed to kill all of the zombies.
Unlucky turn of events - the zombies got me
There are many ways to die here
You can jump to any of the previously made bookmarks
Art gallery - colored illustrations and the original black and white ones from the printed book
There's also a Free Read mode, in which you can infinitely heal yourself and go anywhere you please
Not only zombies are there to get you, there are other creatures as well