Bloody Wolf Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Your Mission.
Let's go.
Shoot the soldiers.
Getting hectic.
Blocking the entrance.
Big soldier to kill.
Throwing grenades.
Blue soldier now to kill.
Lined up for death.
Climbing a fence.
End of stage boss.
Destroyed the boss.
In the jungle.
A hostage to rescue.
Avoid the motorbike.
Rescued a hostage.
Next boss to face.
Crossing the river.
Fighting in long grass.
Helicopter for a boss.
Next boss
Jumping time
On ladder
Bridge guy
Crazy Rambo
Town fight
Enemy base
Deadly hole
Yet another boss
Like "missing in action"
On motorbike
Boat to destroy
Almost there!
Near end
Last boss

TurboGrafx-16 version

Character Selection
Give yourself a code name
Your mission
Stage 1
Free the hostages from the guards
Riding a motorcycle
Say hello to Shotgun Man
Inside a jeep
Stage complete
Stage 2
Soldiers parachuting down
Stage 3
Crossing a dangerous bridge
Say hello to Big Sniper
Stage 4
Kill the kidnapper and save the president
Escorting the president to safety
Goodbye, BLKWF
Hello, WHTWF
Say hello to Knife Killer
Stage 6
Using a raft to get across the river
Stage 7
Watch out for the lasers