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    You're in the space corps now, soldier! Blast your way through wave upon wave of flesh-hungry mutants in Majesco's side-scrolling shooter.

    Majesco's alien-wasting adventure sports a distinctly Contra-like feel; if you're a fan of run-and-gun games that are low on plot and high on action, then look no further: BlowOut is every shoot 'em up fans' dream. Loads of slavering alien mutant-type creatures to blast, huge guns to tote, and labyrinthine levels to explore. Heaven.

    The alien-annihilating antics begin in earnest when crack commando John 'Dutch' Cane is summoned to the US Marine Space Force Headquarters after reports of an invasion. The station has been overrun by malevolent mutants, or 'Xenomorphs', who are rapidly dispensing with the humans onboard and making themselves at home.

    As Dutch, you'll head out on a killing spree, picking off any hostile creatures you set eyes on - and there are plenty roving around the station's many convoluted rooms, chambers and corridors, waiting to pounce. You'll start out armed with Dutch's trusty machinegun, and go on to acquire an increasingly impressive arsenal of weaponry, such as grenade launchers, flamethrowers, nail guns and missile launchers. Explore ten different locations within the station, and wipe out the multitude of mutants before they locate the control centre and start wreaking havoc on colonised space.

    • Take out alien hordes using and machine guns, missile launchers and flame throwers

    • Blast through walls and ceilings in search of mutants and additional firepower

    • Over 14 different types of enemy to encounter and annihilate

    Contributed by DreinIX (9499) on Apr 03, 2008.
    Blast through 10 levels of side-scrolling action in this budget title overflowing with gooey aliens and heavy weapons.

    • Classic 2D shoot-em' up action with detailed 3D graphics
    • Automatic map feature aids in exploring the labyrinth of corridors
    • Arsenal includes machine gun, shotgun, flamethrower, plasma rifle and nail gun
    • Collect items to power-up weapons and increase attributes, including health and speed.

    Play as Cane, the quintessential tough guy sent into a derelict space station to confront an alien menace. You'll need quick reflexes to exterminate this horrible host, but fortunately copious amounts of ammo are at your disposal.

    Aim in any direction with the C Stick while moving with the Control Stick. Aim high and low at 14 different types of enemies that slither, fly and otherwise skulk through the dark corridors.

    Balancing out the mindless shooting is a fair amount of exploration. The automatic map feature is a godsend when traversing collapsed passages and elevators. Key items are pointed out along with color-coded locks and their corresponding keys.

    The graphics are wonderfully cliché, from slimy-green aliens to our hero's cigar which so clearly expresses his machismo. Bright explosions have plenty of impact, but the level geometry lacks variety. Witty, well-acted radio-communications make learning the controls fun.

    Bottom Line

    The low price-point guarantees that you get more than your money's worth of alien-blasting fun. Although repetitive at times, this 2-D side-scrolling shooter really packs a punch.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Mar 20, 2007.