Blue Lightning Credits


Written ByJon Howard, Andrew Howe
Additional SupportFred Gill, Peter Long, Sadge 
GraphicsKristi-Louise Herd, Ian G. Harling, David West, Joanne Surman
Movie SequencesVince Shaw-Morton, Jon Baker
In‑Game MusicIan Sharp
Additional MusicWill Davis
Sound EffectsWill Davis
Video EditingWill Davis
Additional Sound EffectsTed Tahquechi
Voice OversRob Brydon, Hank Cappa, Carrie Tahquechi
ProducerSean Patten
Assistant ProducerJohn Skruch
Level DesignMac , F. B. Stu
Lead TesterHank Cappa
Additional TestersTal Funke-Bilu, Scott Hunter, Harold Kinney, Lance J. Lewis, Joe Sousa, Manuel Sousa, Dan McNamee, Eric D. Riley
Creative ServicesGreg LaBrec
Marketing ServicesGreg LaBrec

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