Blue Toad Murder Files: Mysteries of Little Riddle - Episode 1: Little Riddle's Deadly Dilemma Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game's main menu. This was taken from Episode 1, episodes 2-5 are greyed out because they have not been purchased
Selecting how many players are to take part in the game
Each player must play as a member of the Blue Toad Agency. This is largely cosmetic. The character never speaks and there are no associated 'special abilities'
The start of the game's lengthy introduction is a flight over the village.
The player arrives in the village. If there are multiple players only Player One arrives, the rest just appear
THe first characters that the player meets. The art style is part cartoon, part caricature
The first puzzle. All puzzles are introduced with a big headline screen like this and a change in music
Every puzzle is clearly explained before the player embarks on it
When a puzzle is completed a flight of ducks sweeps across the screen to reveal whether the player's answer is correct
Completing the puzzle within the specified time and without errors earns a gold medal
Here the puzzle was completed late and with an error so a bronze medal was awarded
This is how the story progresses to a new location.
When the narrator asks a question like this it means that the next puzzle is ...
.... a case review quiz. These are a set of multiple choice questions about the game so far, usually no more than four questions in all.
This is the reward for getting all the answers right
At the end of each scene the player has the chance to replay it