Blue's Journey Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Background story
Evil monkey
How to play
Zone introduction
Jungle Zone 1
Liana transport
Throwing enemies as a weapon
Continue screen
Rolling stone
Deadly pendulum
Stage boss
Round cleared
Jungle Zone 2
Driving on enemies head
Walking on the glacier
Stage final boss
New task
Choose area
Empire Marsh 1
Dropping birds
Highscore table
Game over
Item shop
Underground cave
Fall into lava
I can throw barbarian and defeat purple dragon
Ball-bugs enemies
Moving columns
Blue can swimming
Green caves
He wants duel
Next boss
Sweet land
Mechanical world

Neo Geo version

How to Play
Jungle Zone 1
Blue can pick enemies up and hurl them at others
Character Interaction
The shop
Round Clear
Jungle Zone 2
Select your destination
Empire Marsh 1
Empire Marsh 2
Swimming underwater
Blue is trapped in a spider's web
Blue is under a curse
The shopkeeper sings you a song in order to lift the curse
The Lower Earth Empire 1
The Lower Earth Empire 2
Blue travels to a different destination
The Lower Earth Empire 3
The Lower Earth Empire 4
Starge Space 1
Starge Space 2
Starge Space 3
This girl will marry you if you decide to continue
Giving up your quest will have dire consequences
Blue joins the Daruma tribe

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen
The world of "Blue's Journey" is a weird, strange world. And, as you get farther into the game, everything starts to get weirder...
...and weirder...
...and weirder. But THIS, here, isn't just weird. It's bizarre.