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Blue's Treasure Hunt

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WindowsReview Corner
Packed with things to do, this delightful program combines an adventure format with educational activities, an arcade-style mini-game, creative opportunities, and a superb translation of the Blue's Clues television show. This 2 CD-ROM set is probably more appropriate for kids ages 5-6 (younger kids will need some help), but excellent design features allow for activities to be played independently of the adventure and for the program to be set at any one of 3 difficulty levels.
This one is sure to amuse young Blue's Clues fans. It comes on two CDs, is all simple point and click and has three difficulty settings to suit the child's age/skill level. It also has the usual 'Handy Dandy' help option for parents that can be accessed from within the game and a really helpful and detailed manual.
WindowsAll Game Guide
While my son and I were trying out Blue's Treasure Hunt, we were also busy with Mr. Potato Head Activity Pack. Ryan enjoys watching Blue's Clues on television about as much as he likes disassembling and reassembling his Mr. Potato Head toy. However, in terms of the two computer games, he chose the spud most every time, finding the games and activities in Mr. Potato Head Activity Pack more enjoyable and amusing, and much more versatile than those found in Blue's Treasure Hunt. Don't get me wrong. Blue's Treasure Hunt is not a bad game for treasure hunting and interactive environments. However, when it comes to out and out fun, it is only above average.