Bolo Trivia (Atari ST)

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End game stone

Bolo features many stones with different effects. The most fearsome stone is the "End game" stone. It does not only take one of your lives, it simply ends the game -- no matter how many lives you have left. But this disputable design decision was not enough, there was an even more cruel design resulting from this decision. There also was a "Random stone", which transforms to a random effect stone on first contact with the ball. And you guessed it: if you had very bad luck it could transform to the "End game" stone. Having this bad luck could produce incredibly frustrating moments for the player, as often it was unavoidable that the ball is touching the random stone twice before you could even react.

Megamax Modula-2

An unusual "producer" is named in the intro: "Megamax Modula-2". Also in the main menu, you can choose some promotional information for the language itself and the compiler environment distributed by Application System Heidelberg. As the game itself is created in this programming language, the creators used the game for a very visible "product placement" of the development tools by the company which released this game.

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