Bolo Screenshots

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Windows version

Start menu
Starting the step-by-step tutorial.
Pilot your boat into shore and debark.
On the grass, looking ahead into the forest.
Emerging from the forest through to boggy swamp -- but a hint of paved asphalt appears at the top of the screen.
He can't even see me, but this pillbox knows I'm here and doesn't care how much wall it has to shoot through to get to me. Best be moving along.
Sneaking past pillboxes under cover of forest.
Loading up on armour and ammo at a base -- a minefield lies ahead.
Setting off a chain reaction of mines...
Water rushes in to fill the craters.
Sending my Little Green Man to harvest lumber.
Sending my LGM to build a bridge.
My LGM returns from constructing a boat!
My remains pop and sizzle for some distance after a pillbox finishes pumping round after round into me.
De-activated at last, I can approach the defunct pillbox and collect it, to re-deploy elsewhere, now friendly to me.
End of tutorial!
Resolving a dispute with a pillbox turret on the Everard Island multiplayer map.