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    Bomberman makes his debut on the Nintendo Wii™ Virtual Console™ with Bomberman '93 - originally released for the TurboGrafx-16 in, well, 1993.

    For those new to the series, the "Bomberman" is a species of robotic-like men who use bombs as weapons to defeat enemies, including other bombermen! Bomberman's biggest claim to fame, however, isn't the cute characters, it's the multiplayer baby! Challenge up to four other friends and party 'til dawn to see who's the last man standing. Before games like Doom and Quake - Bomberman was the only place to go for some good old fashioned deathmatching! If patience is a virtue, then it goes out the window when you're faced with bombs going off like the Fourth of July. This game is all about killing as much as you can, as fast as you can.

    The power-ups are where it's at and they'll be your tools for defeating enemies. Use the flame power-up to extend the blasts of your bombs, kick bombs to the other side of the field, then remote detonate your bombs from a safe distance! You can even increase your bomb placing capacity to unleash more fury on your opponents. With power-ups like these, the possibilities of winning are endless!

    Eight stages aim to keep you occupied with your friends as you continuously adjust your strategies to the circumstances of each stage. For instance one stage might have warp points on the field. Teleport near unsuspecting players and lay a bomb right at their feet. If you want to be more sneaky, try kicking the bomb into the warp hole itself creating a teleporting explosion! Speaking of moving, some stages have conveyor belts - so your explosives do the moving! And what about defense? Try rushing towards a swinging gate - it'll get you out of harms way, but look out, some gates might spin you in the wrong direction. With all sorts of strategy plus themes like a starship battle or bombing each other in a toy store, Bomberman '93 never gets old.

    In single player mode, Bomberman '93 sees our favorite hero on the trail of Black Bomberman, a rogue who has stolen valuable artifacts that are a threat to the galaxy. As Bomberman traverses seven exciting worlds, each containing eight stages, he'll be pitted against indigenous life forms and relentless bosses. Each stage has its own theme - one world might be a infused with volcanic elements while another might be covered with nothing but rock quarries.

    Before embarking to a world, make sure you pay attention to the tips Bomberman is given - they'll go a long way in helping you defeat the stage's boss! For instance, the first boss you encounter will be one that expels fireballs in a line and warps around the screen to lay down more mayhem. A few good placed bombs will do the trick if you can avoid his onslaught! Another boss might be stationary but his weak spot rotates to different spots. Think you can time your explosives correctly while dodging his hands that shoot fireballs? Bosses await our hero at every level so make sure you load up on power-ups - you're going to need them!

    Bomberman '93 is one of the great gaming classics... now only available on your Nintendo Wii™ Virtual Console™! Retrieve the artifacts and save the galaxy!

    Contributed by DreinIX (10674) on May 25, 2008. - Wii:

    Explosive fun

    The sequel to the original Bomberman infuses fun to Virtual Console.

    Bomberman '93 is the exciting, powered-up version that followed the original Bomberman! With 6 rounds, each containing 8 stages, the single-player Normal Mode provides all the fun you can handle in its 48 different stages! Blast all of your enemies and find the hidden exit within the time limit to progress to the next stage. The "kick" function appears for the first time in this version of Bomberman, and you can really start using cunning tactics in your game play! Make the most of the traps and the new items to clock the game with a perfect record! Up to 5 players can play in the Battle Game, and all the new tricks and devices (like the conveyor belt) are sure to guarantee a heated battle!

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65856) on Feb 08, 2007.