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Cubed3 (Apr 08, 2007)
This is by far one of the most enjoyable Bomberman games to hit Europe by a long way. Ditching the failed adventure mode and making the focus on short, sharp bursts of mini-game fun, adding a multiplayer angle and even online battling means this becomes a must-have DS game for anyone that enjoys pure mad gaming action!
Bomberman Land Touch makes great use of the Bomberman franchise by combining classic style gameplay with current gameplay elements such as the mini-game party mode. With both off and online modes, combined with the classic Bomberman gameplay, this is one game that can most certainly referred to as da' bomb.
Gaming Target (Jan 18, 2007)
This is perhaps the best Bomberman game that Hudson has put out since Saturn Bomberman. Not only is the battle mode excellent as always, but also the single player mode is addicting and a vast improvement over the rather ho-hum single player experience found in Bomberman games of old. While the limitations of the WiFi mode is somewhat disappointing, that is no reason not to check out one of the most fun DS multiplayer titles yet developed. Bomberman Land Touch! is definitely worth a rental, and if you are a fan of the series, it’s an advisable investment.
Bomberman Land Touch! is so much better than we expected. Here's an adventure that's different, entertaining, challenging and perfect for a portable format. The emphasis may be on mini-games rather than adventuring, but with the awesome Battle mode this is a great package.
85 (Mar 24, 2007)
Einer der größten Nachteile der Bomberman-Spiele war schon immer, dass sie zwar im Mehrspielermodus ganz große Unterhaltung boten, für Solisten aber ungefähr so aufregend waren wie ein Bibelabend mit Karl Moik. Und auch Bomberman Land macht aus der Thematik keine packende Solo-Unterhaltung, serviert aber immerhin einen Mario Party-ähnlichen Spaß, der sich wohltuend vom üblichen Herumgebombe abhebt - auch optisch! Und ja, es gibt auch eine Art Story, über die man aber besser den Mantel des peinlich berührten Schweigens hüllen sollte. Doch wie gewohnt ist Bomberman nur mit Freunden eine wahrer Kracher, allerdings sollten sich Besitzer von Bomberman DS den Kauf zwei mal überlegen - mit Ausnahme der leicht gewachsenen Figuren kennen die den Inhalt schon! Wenn ihr also nicht gerade einer der wenigen seid, die das Ganze unbedingt allein spielen wollen, oder wenn ihr auf das Online-Gaming verzichten könnt, das ohnehin völlig Lag-verseucht ist, dann könnt ihr euch Bomberman Land Touch sparen.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 06, 2006)
The combination of online classic Bomberman play and unique mini-games make Touch! Bomberman Land a highly recommended purchase. However, due to the text-heavy nature of the game and current problems with online play, I advise holding off on buying the game until it is released stateside. The November release of the slightly renamed Bomberman Land Touch! isn’t that far off. Still, the savvy importer can find it at Lik-Sang.
IGN (Dec 08, 2006)
It's no secret that Hudson's Bomberman has had some wild ups and downs in its 20 year history, easily hitting its lowest point earlier this year with one of the worst productions yet in the form of Xbox 360's terrible Bomberman: Act Zero. Bomberman Land Touch! may seem a little scary since it's one of those "spin off" designs that run the risk of missing the mark, but this one's really, really good. The adventure has a lot of fun little challenges in its goofy and quirky design, and the Battle Pack -- Bomberman's reason for being -- is a great version of last year's Bomberman DS with solid local and online support. If you really want to push the Nintendo DS system's multiplayer function, this one will truly get your DS gang together.
GameSpot (Dec 19, 2006)
If you already own the first Bomberman DS or have no way of taking advantage of this newer game's online features, then you probably don't need Bomberman Land Touch!. On the other hand, if you do have a compatible router or Wi-Fi adapter and you enjoy multiplayer gaming, then you should make it a point to add this game to your collection. The battle mode is as fun as ever, and now, thanks to the implementation of online play, the process of setting up matches and finding opponents is much less of a hassle.
80 (Apr 06, 2007)
Bomberman est bel et bien de retour sur DS avec un jeu qui fait honneur à la série. Varié, jouable, à la durée de vie intéressante, surtout grâce au mode multijoueur, le titre est quasiment indispensable pour tous ceux qui voudraient retrouver le petit personnage poseur de bombes décidément en très grande forme.
Modojo (Jan 05, 2007)
Bomberman Land Touch! could have been an instant classic with better emphasis on the graphics and sound. However, its extra features more than make up for the lacking effort in presentation. The gameplay is pure classic Bomberman in Battle Mode, and the mini-games add some variety to the single-player game to make it a more enjoyable romp this time around. The online and offline versus options are staggering - they really don't get any better than this. Bomberman has the touch - and with that, so should you.
Deeko (Nov 16, 2006)
If you're buying this game looking for a standard Bomberman style adventure, you're going to be sorely disappointed, as the main game has very little to do with previous titles in the series. However, the adventure itself is relatively fun and while certainly not similar to previous adventures, provides you with an ample opportunity to strut your stuff, Bomberman themed, in a number of mini-games meant to tax your brain. While the game sometimes loses direction, it still maintains a high fun factor. The addition of a fully fleshed out WiFi multiplayer experience is simply the icing on the cake.
GamesRadar (Nov 28, 2006)
We do wish that, possibly in a future installment, the two modes can be integrated a little more fully. It would have been great to have boss fights that utilized classic Bomberman action within this minigame-based story mode. But that's about all there is to complain about. Sure, Bomberman is still sticking with 2D, and his tale is silly at the least, but there's a ton of gameplay value here. Atlus’s secret release really shouldn’t be kept hidden - it’s the bomb.
Gamekult (Apr 03, 2007)
Bomberman Land Touch ! a donc vraiment tout pour séduire les amateurs de mini-jeux et les fans de Bomberman qui n'auraient pas craqué pour le précédent épisode, ou pour qui le online est une option indispensable.
Pocket Gamer UK (Nov 29, 2007)
It's impossible to criticise Bomberman Story too heavily. The multiplayer mode alone comes close to justifying the price, and the single-player option, though lacklustre in places, is a bold and almost successful expedition into uncharted waters. Figuratively speaking, it won't blow anyone away, but it might just singe some eyebrows.
70 (UK) (Mar 17, 2007)
Sounds like a recommendation, then. Only the relatively low price of the original DS game holds it up: if you reckon you can live without the online play, ten quid should be all you need to invest, rather than 25. Either way, it might not be what Mrs. Hudson wants for him, but Bomberman's still one of the best multiplayer games you can buy, and whether or not you want another version you should at least dig out one of the ones you already own and raise your rollerskates in acknowledgement.
JeuxActu (Apr 30, 2007)
Bomberman Land Touch! renoue avec la qualité et l’esprit original de la saga après l’intermède raté sur Xbox 360. Malgré une aventure solitaire qui fera regretter à certains les épisodes d’antan, le multi lui est plus solide que jamais avec le mode attraction et le service Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, ce qui de toute manière constitue le principal intérêt du soft.
50 (Jan 06, 2007)
If anything can be said against the Battle Mode, it is that by modern standards, it feels a little slight. This may well have been the thinking behind bolting on the terrible exploration game, but there is no doubt something far better could have been created to accompany this ageing classic. To have to pay full price for the battle elements because of a dire main game is unacceptable, and though you may squeeze 15 hours from the mini-games and exploration, most of them will be wasted time.