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PlayStationGamePro (US)
It took an eternity, but someone finally had the good sense to release the ultimate party game for the PlayStation... Bomberman. The game's premise is simple: via an overhead view, you try and destroy opponents with a variety of bombs and power-ups on diverse battlefields. Bomberman's strength has always the multi-player matches, and the Party Edition delivers the goods with intense, thumb-busting head-to-head competition. Even with the long load times, Bomberman Party Edition is the quintessential multi-player game no PlayStation gamer should be without. Getting bombed at home with five of your friends was never this fun.
PlayStationConsoles Plus
Cette nouvelle version en 3D comprend des stages nouveaux en Multijoueur et quelques petits bonus. Les graphismes sont corrects. Si vous ne possédez aucun des épisodes de Bomberman, n'hésitez pas, le jeu à plusieurs a toujours été une franche rigolade.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Bomberman Party Edition has stuck to the tried and true formula that has made the first game so much fun. Added to this are a few new modes of play and with lots more multi-player levels for you and your friends to go head to head, you have one great party game.
The Bomberman series is the king of multiplayer party games and Bomberman Party Edition is the best of the series that has seen the light of day on PlayStation. While it's a great party game and fun will be had when playing it, there's just no denying the fact that it's just not quite as good as either Saturn Bomberman on Sega Saturn or Super Bomberman 2 on SNES. Given that just about nobody bought the Saturn and most people probably don't have their Super Nintendo's hooked up anymore, then this might be your only chance to get a classic Bomberman fix this side of your PC. If that's the case, then check out this title, as you won't be letdown by its brilliant multiplayer action. However, if you still have access to those other Bomberman games mentioned, then there's really no reason to check this one out.
Despite its unusually deficient single-player mode, Bomberman Party Edition still manages to succeed where many previous attempts have failed, delivering an uproariously enjoyable multiplayer experience. With the popularity of party titles such as Mario Party and Crash Bash, Vatical is obviously aiming to offer this subset of gamers another alternative for their group-gaming dollar. Thanks to its less than modern visuals, Bomberman Party Edition may not make the same overwhelming first impression that competing efforts achieve, but if you give it a minute or two, you'll likely find the addiction known as Bomberman has you in its grasp.
PlayStationMega Fun
Wo ist mein gutes altes Saturn Bomberman geblieben? Anstatt der PlayStation endlich einmal ein gelungenes Bomberman zu spendieren, wurden lediglich ein paar langweilige Levels zusammengewürfelt, die mich nicht vom Hocker reißen. Triste Grafik und liebloses Leveldesign. Zusätzlich sind wichtige Power-ups und Goodies derart rar gesät, dass man beim vorzeitigen Ableben und dem damit verbundenen powerlosen Wiedereintritt schon ein wenig weinen könnte. Lediglich der gelungene Multiplayer-Modus bildet eine Ausnahme, der durch hervorragendes Leveldesign besticht und mich ein klein wenig versöhnlich stimmte. Warum wurde das ganze Spiel nicht aus solchen wirklich gelungenen Levels aufgebaut? Fazit: Durchwachsen.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
While the gameplay is nothing new and many of the levels and characters are pretty much the same as other versions, this incarnation does offer enough variety to please even the most hardcore gamer and will offer hours of enjoyment for new gamers. Bomberman is one of the best multiplayer games ever and Bomberman Party Edition keeps that tradition alive.
At one time or another everybody will have crossed Bomberman’s path but putting on such a bad performance this time round makes us think the old guy should buy himself a pipe and put his feet up for a while. This, unfortunately, should be named Bummerman.
If this is the only way you can get Bomberman in your house, then definitely go ahead and get Bomberman party Edition. You will have some fun; just remember to get your eyes checked afterwards.