Bonanza Bros. Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

The Boss asking Hobo and Mobo to steal treasures
Yeah, right...
Stage 01: Bank
Bagged all treasures in the building, and am ready to proceed
Leaving via blimp
Stage 02: Mr. Big's Mansion
Robo's flying his way into the second building
That must be Mr. Big
Bonus Stage
Here's what happens if one of the spotlights shines on Robo
Stage 03: Goldrush Casino
"You again?"
Stage 04: Royal Mint
Leaving the building without all the treasures, eh, Robo?
Stage 05: Gold Mine
Stage 06: Jewelry Store
Stage 07: Laboratory
Stage 08: Mr. Big's Yacht
Stage 09: Modern Art Museum
Nice night to go flying, isn't it, Robo?
Stage 10: Pyramid

Amstrad CPC version

Stage 1
Knocked over a security guard
Knocked down
Climbing stairs
Got all the treasures. Now ready to exit the level
Exit the level via the exit stairs
Whisked away to another place
Stage 2
A huge enemy
Using a Flying Fox to get to another building
Stage 3
Sprung up into the air
Stage 4
Nice night, isn't it?
Stage 5
Unusual roof structure
Stage 6
Stage 7
Stage 8
Stage 9
Stage 10

Arcade version

They Don't.
Title Screen.
Your mission.
Stage 1.
Let's rob the bank.
Hide from the guards.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Second title screen
From the intro
Level briefing is about to begin
First level
I'm escaping with the stolen goods
This is what I need to steal in this level
That did hurt
Time to flee the scene of the crime
Time for a bonus stage
Get all the gold!
Ouch! The police got me
Crime does NOT pay. Game over

Commodore 64 version

Stage 1: Bank
Reached the top of the bank
Stage 2: Millionaire's Mansion
Flying toward the second building
Time's up
Stage 3: Casino
I think you're approaching gold
Bonus Stage
This is what happens when one spotlight shines on you
Stage 4: Mint
Looking out at a starry night
Stage 5: Underground Gold Bars
"Which way should I go? Northwest or Southeast?"
Stage 6: Jewelry Store
Stage 7: Laboratory
Stage 8: Deluxe Liner
Nice view of the two islands from up deck
Stage 9: Art Museum
Stage 10: Pyramid

Genesis version

Introduction Sequence
Yeah, right...
Stage 1:Company
Got all the treasures, and am ready to proceed to the next building
Robo makes a quick getaway
Stage 2: Millionaire's Mansion
Watch where you're going, Robo
A guard gets squashed by an open doorway
About to run out of time
Trying to leave the building without the treasures, eh, Robo?
Flying towards the second building
Stage 3: Casino
Robo get spring up into the air
Stage 4: Mint
Ran out of time
Stage 5: Underground Gold Bars
Stage 6: Jewelry Store
Stage 7: Laboratory
Which way should Robo go? NE or SW?
Stage 8: Deluxe Liner
Stage 9: Art Museum
Nice night to go flying, isn't it?
Robo fell down and broke his crown
Stage 10: Pyramid
Game Over, Man, Game Over!
Alarm is a problem.
It's hurts. One life less.
If a Robo is hurt - drop all items.

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
Get the treasure within 3 minutes
Configuration (press F4 to access)
Okay, let's start
Stage 1: Sega Bank
Two player game
Stage 3, this is the only port that runs at the same resolution as the arcade original

SEGA Master System version

First objectives
Stage 1: Bank
Knocked out a guard
Blue guard sleeping on the job
Got all treasures, and am ready to proceed to the next building
Stage 2: Mansion
It's a nice day to go flying, isn't it?
Bonus Stage
Stage 3: Casino
"I've fallen and I can't get up"
Stage 4: Mint
A guard gets squashed by a 256t weight
Stage 5: Department Store
Stage 6: Jewelry Store
Stage 7: Laboratory
Even scientists give Robo the "touch of death"
Stage 8: Antique Store
Stage 9: Art Gallery
Fell down a trap door
Stage 10: Pyramid
Game Over, Man, Game Over!
Name Entry
High Scores

TurboGrafx CD version

High scores
First stage!
Game Over - you are in prison )
Treasures taken, run for the exit!
On the roof
Stage description
Peaceful room...
...and maniacal policemen
Enjoy the view while you can...

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Game options
Game start. I play the bad guy on the left, outside the house. Inside are two robots, maybe more but I didn't get too fat into this game
.. instead I moved the wrong way and got squashed
Lost a lot of lives 'coz as soon as I stood up I got flattened again. Here I'm making a dash for the back of the house
After each game the tape has to be rewound and reloaded to play again
I later found I could hide in an alcove and the robots search pattern did not find me
The robots can be shot from behind - but they don't stay down for long