Bonze Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Push start button
Game starts
Big ghost
Fire fox
Game over
Green slimes

TurboGrafx-16 version

The Map
Fox on the loose
Beware the walking tombstone
Knocked down...
Get the statue to proceed to the next level
The Lake
Lifted up by a waterfall
Bonze drowns in the water
Bonze hides in his boat
Lava Cavern
Looks like a sperm with an eye attached to it
What the hell is that thing?
Intermediate Boss
The cave
Bonze drowns in the lava
Icy Level
Blue blobs like these are lethal
Big green blob
Nothing's happening here
Between two terrifying faces
A teleport
Falling down...
This place looks dangerous
Basically a much larger version of what you have just seen
A ring protects you, but as long as you don't get hit
A mexican stand-off between you and Emma
Game over, man, game over!
Strange ghost
Red balls are enemies too