The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles Screenshots

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Windows version

Intro sequence showing the game title and Nate's airship Mary.
Nate on his course to Seefels. The newly self-appointed airship captain's skills become obvious at this map sequence.
There it is. The Book of Unwritten Tales opened at the chapter "Die Vieh Chroniken"
The chapter loading screen shows a scroll with a representative drawing. It features amusingly twisted status reports on the progress bar.
Critter dressed as Purple Tentacle
Inside the mad scientist cave
Outside of the Arch-Mage tower
Arch-Mage tower - first floor
Arch-Mage tower - second floor
The talking portrait of the Arch-Mage
Inside the Critters' spaceship
The deck of "The Mary"
The captain study in "The Mary"
"The Mary" after crashing
Outside of the submarine
Petra, the wildlife conservator activist
Ma'Zaz, an orc bounty hunter