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Bookworm Deluxe

Bookworm Deluxe Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Forming the word BIT.
Now the word PHONE is formed!
Level up
Level 2 complete
You get bonus words that you can solve for additional points
Level 3 complete
Level 4 complete
Level 5 complete
After each turn, the red tiles burns one tile directly below it. When it reaches the bottom, it's game over.
Level 6 complete
The green tiles award a lot more points than other tiles
Level 7 complete
This word's quite appropriate
However, this one's better since it gets rid of all 3 red tiles at once
Level 8 complete
A red tile has reached the bottom
... the fire spread
... and game over
Final score and ranking
High score
Start another game

Bookworm Deluxe Screenshots

iPhone version

Main Menu
Starting a new classic game
A first match
Tracking statistics
Bonus words found so far
How to play
Get rid of these as soon as possible

Bookworm Deluxe Screenshots

Macintosh version

Title screen
Setup screen
How to play
Making a word
Feeding the bookworm
Using a bonus letter
Watch out for the burning letters
Remove burning letters by linking them into a word

Bookworm Deluxe Screenshots

Windows version

Menu screen
Game start
Spelling a word.
Level up
A definition
Coloured squares give more points.
Fire tiles burn down.
The puzzle for the words continues with Bookworm.