Bookworm Deluxe Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen.
Forming the word BIT.
Now the word PHONE is formed!
Level up
Level 2 complete
You get bonus words that you can solve for additional points
Level 3 complete
Level 4 complete
Level 5 complete
After each turn, the red tiles burns one tile directly below it. When it reaches the bottom, it's game over.
Level 6 complete
The green tiles award a lot more points than other tiles
Level 7 complete
This word's quite appropriate
However, this one's better since it gets rid of all 3 red tiles at once
Level 8 complete
A red tile has reached the bottom
... the fire spread
... and game over
Final score and ranking
High score
Start another game

iPhone version

Main Menu
Starting a new classic game
A first match
Tracking statistics
Bonus words found so far
How to play
Get rid of these as soon as possible

Macintosh version

Title screen
Setup screen
How to play
Making a word
Feeding the bookworm
Using a bonus letter
Watch out for the burning letters
Remove burning letters by linking them into a word

Windows version

Menu screen
Game start
Spelling a word.
Level up
A definition
Coloured squares give more points.
Fire tiles burn down.
The puzzle for the words continues with Bookworm.