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Boot Camp

Boot Camp Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Obstacle course
Firing range 1
Iron man race
Firing range 2
Arm wrestling

Boot Camp Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
The soldiers.
Assault Course.
Jump over the wall.
Climbing over the wall.
Monkey bars.
The tests.
Firing range.
Shoot the targets.
You made it.
Iron man Race.
Gone off course.
Fell over.
Rowing a boat.

Boot Camp Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (US version)
Title screen (European version)
Main menu (European version)
Starting the first exercise.
You blew it.
Game over

Boot Camp Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Set up game options (EGA)
Race on the obstacle course (EGA)
The firing range (EGA)
Your performance on a task (EGA)
One player in the iron man race (EGA)
Doing pullups (EGA)
Back to the firing range (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Race on the obstacle course (CGA)
The firing range (CGA)
Take a quick break between events (CGA)
And now its off to more training (CGA)
Finally, fight with your trainer (CGA)

Boot Camp Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Loading Screen
Get ready
On your marks
Jump over the obstacles