Boppin' Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Accursed Toys logo
Intro - 1000x
Intro - Arcapedia
Intro - Great gooey goddesses
Intro - Videogame protagonists
Intro - Let's get boppin'!
Title screen
Start menu
First puzzle
Third puzzle
Fourth puzzle
Fifth puzzle - Suicide is painless
Level statistics
High-score table

DOS version

Start-of-game censorship prompt
A logo to go down in the history books
They seemed darned proud of it, so I figured I'd put it up here
Title screen
Main menu
Game music jukebox
Introduction: worlds of fiction
Introduction: our heroes in Arcapaedia, pocket universe of old video game characters
Introduction: The games' enemies have all disappeared!
Introduction: Look-alike protagonists of games past explain how to overcome this vile plot
First level.
End-of-level bonus tabulation
2nd level. Pick up a block...
throw the block...
free legendary video game bad guys from their imprisonment!
You did such a good job you get to have a little dance
You accidentally found the mystery spot! Rock on!
Upon completion, getting sucked into yet another creative level
Some of these level designs are stranger than others
Distraught at his consistently poor aim, Yeet commits suicide
Game over!
High score entry
High score table
Built-in level editor

Windows version

Accursed Toys logo
Title screen
Main menu
The level editor
Intro: 1000x
Intro: These are the Boppins' friends.
Intro: Let's get Boppin'!
Starting out
I freed an animal!
End of level results
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
High scores