Borderlands 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Macintosh version

Starting off the adventure. With no difference from any other versions.
Remember to change the aim toggle settings to on if you have an Apple Magic mouse ...
... to be able to zoom and shoot. It only has one clickety click clack switch.

Windows version

Main Menu
NPC's actually have voices now
Skill points menu
Nice view
Epic shotgun gibs
ADS Kill
Upon 'dying' the player can be revived with a 'Second Wind' if they can kill an enemy before a set amount of time
Level Up!
Good advice..
Each class has it's own unique ability. In my case a kick ass turret
Death Screen..
..and revival :)
Fighting a midget..riding a four legged monster. Routine Borderlands.
Graphical settings
Playing with the radio
Loading Screen
I think I just killed an entire family