Boston Bomb Club Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The Club, I suppose
What would be of a gentlemen's club without scantly clad women?
The opening table.
Hands off!
A bomb is cooled off while a second one prepares to make a jump
The trumpeter isn't a major problem, the newspaper-reading guy is.
You only have a limited supply of bombs. If you lose the last one... well, this happens

Atari ST version

Loading Screen
Level 4
Intro (monochrome monitor)
Title (monochrome monitor)
Menu (monochrome monitor)
Level intro picture (monochrome monitor)
In-game impression (monochrome monitor)

DOS version

Graphics mode selection
Introduction (VGA)
Title screen (VGA)
Main menu (VGA)
Level announcer (VGA)
Rotate the round pieces to lead a trail from your start point (bottom middle) to the target. (top middle) (VGA)
Your opponent cools the bomb off with his glass of water. (VGA)
The opponent monkeys around with your delicately arranged board. (VGA)
Your bomb bounces high off trampoline #4. (VGA)
Obstacles! The pieces at the top are only visible when the man turns pages in his newspaper. (VGA)
Game over! (VGA)
The robot hand drops a new bonus on the board. (VGA)
Introduction (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Main menu (CGA)
High score table (CGA)
Level announcer (CGA)
Game board (CGA)
Title Screen (EGA)