Boxing Manager Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu (demo version)
The office (demo version)
The training hall (demo version)
Boxer overview (demo version)
The talents (demo version)
Setting the tactics (demo version)
All employees (demo version)
Planning an event (demo version)
Promoting the event (demo version)
The player can slightly change the tactics after every round (demo version)
The 3D match presentation (demo version)
The game starts with the player setting up their game id.

Retail game, UK release
The game starts in the manager's office. The office does not have hotspots that can be clicked on to trigger other game menus, all work is done via the bottom of screen menus
The player's first action is to create a youth boxer to train
Setting up a new boxer is a bit like creating a character in a RPG. The appearance can be altered and there are attribute points to be allocated
The training menu. There are pre-set training programs to strengthen agility, strength and so on, or the player can set up a custom regime
Further customisation of the boxer. Here skill points are assigned
There are pre-set fight plans plus new plans can be created.
Boxers can also be transferred into the agency
The player must book fights for their boxer from a list of clubs around the world. Then they book the opponent and organise advertising.
There's a useful autosave facility in this game