Brain Dead 13 Screenshots

User Screenshots

3DO version

Animated intro shows the spooky castle.
Main menu. The 3DO version contains short demos of other Don Bluth games.
Lance and Fritz. Fritz is out for blood.
Lance is the game's bumbling hero.
Captured by Vivi.
Assaulted by Moose.
Pick a direction quickly!
Uh-oh! Here comes comedy!
Ohh! That's our Lance!
Get caught by Fritz and die painfully.
But Lance isn't dead just yet!

DOS version

A spooooky castle
You'd think the brain's got some sort of authority over the creature
Our brainy main villain
Our hero after one of many, many resurrections
Being choked be frog's tongue
Our escape ended in a spiked pit
Guess what this snake is up to ...
We even get attacked by mushrooms
This statue doesn't wake any confidence

iPhone version

Title screen
Running corners
Crazy kitchen
Not very friendly looking.
Do you like dragons?
One heck of a setup.
Not-so-nice Fritz is coming!
Ready for that manicure?
Time to play some hardball.
Electricity is pretty.
Fritz being Fritz.
This doesn't look good.
Got witches on your tail?
Ghosts do shish-ka-bobs right.
It's gonna get ugly.

Jaguar version

Title Screen
Lance, the character you control
The Brain
Fritz, your main nemesis
There are so many creative ways to die.

Windows version

Each time you die, you can back to game and repeat last action.
Lance and his oppressor Fritz
You must act quickly or Fritz kills you.
The main gate
One of the death sequences
Where to go now?
The basement
A giant centipede is very hungry.
Entrance to the Vivi's house
Watch your step
Vivi - the blue vampire
Vivi wants to shave Lance.
The Beautifier
Cocoon chamber
In the dungeon