Brandish Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Story intro
More story
Title screen
Starting out... with 1HP
Found some gold
Hmm, a sign
Player status
Options menu, you can save/load and change walk and mouse speeds here
Time to fight some enemies
Talking with the Magic shop owner
Touching the water restores health
Hey man, I don't have the cash on me, but I'll promise I'll pay ya back

PC-98 version

Title screen
Lovely intro...
The story...
Authentic outfit of medieval female warriors. Didn't you know?
Cool shadowy cut scene :)
Say, it must be hard for you to order glasses. You know what I'm saying?
Starting location
OUtside of a synagogue. The Jewish hero must say some prayers. Oh... it's just a magic shop? Okay...
Magic shop. The one with David's star on it
Inspecting a switch
Fighting a blue guy
Uh... I'm not sure I want to buy anything
What?! Somebody opened this chest before me...
Stuck in a hole :) Don't worry, you can just jump out of it :)

SNES version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
Intro: the king wants the power fo the dragon
A scene between Varik and the girl
Close-up on your female foe
The story
Starting the game
Status screen
Operating a switch
Fighting some demons

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen A
Title screen B. Looks nicer than A, if you ask me
Nice dragon!..
Obviously, the problem is that this guy's barber has gone missing
Poor dragon...
Beautiful view!..
Beginning of the game. Treasure chests and all
Item/equipment menu
Fell into a shallow pit. Must be one of the most embarrassing deaths in the history of video games
Look, a slime is here!..
This fountain will fully restore your health
Looking dreamy, babe. How 'bout you and a-me take a break from all this monster-slayin'? You know what I'm sayin'?..
Lots of stuff to buy... but no money
Weapon shop. The owner looks sad
"Old woman's item shop"
Fighting a kobold. Or something like that