Branmarker Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Cryptic intro written with nice Chinese characters
The graphics in the FM Towns version look better than on PC-98
Shami... err... introduces herself. Yup, that's what it is
Shami is now dressed
Starting in the town
Visiting a hotel
The stupid king gives you missions :)
Shami's house
The first meeting with Viga doesn't show him in a very heroic light :)
On the world map
Fighting low-level eneies
Forest dungeon
Don't worry, we'll save you!
One of the early bosses
Funny Game Over screen :)
Hmm... are you sure you're comfortable there?..
Cave dungeon. Chest and an upcoming cutscene
Mid-level enemies. Doppelgangers!..
Hmm, what a strange place...
Look, I can't concentrate on the Holy Water like that :)
Inventory screen
Yuck... those enemies are... expressively disgusting
Magical creatures are also sexy in this game
Mountain path
Impressive castle enemies
Ancient castle dungeon
Underground passage
Status screen
Finally, we found Shami's sister...
High-level enemies
The hardest dungeon
Not all the cutscenes are erotic... some are just funny
A decisive boss battle

PC-98 version

Title screen
Mysterious intro
The peaceful island of Radja...
Shami, the heroine of the game. That's the first time we see her. I wonder what would I say to her under these circumstances
The heroine introduces herself to the player. Unbelievable :)
Shami, this time dressed. Phew...
On the world map
Capital city
Character information
Interiors of the houses are shown as large pictures
Nice armor-buying interface! Cool icons for all kinds of armor
The lovely owner of the armor shop
Here you can buy items
The king gives you quests most of the time
Battles are quite plain.No backgrounds
Hmm, looks like no one is at home
Hey, I'd like to stay in this hotel, too :)
Looks like a volcano?
Village in the sands
Boss battle. This gray guy is no challenge at all
Luckily, we play a nice girl in this game. It's not the protagonist who will be doing such awful things to women! We are here to rescue her!
Another boss. Purple guy. Not much of a conversationalist
Time to eat
The princess is finally rescued
Forest dungeon
The enemies get more... ehh... interesting as the game progresses :)
The two heroes meet for the first time. As always, Shami is the brave one, Viga is a bit of a coward
I'm sure our zoo will be very interested in you
This is as disturbing as this game gets. Definitely one of the milder hentai RPGs; a big plus for me
Mid-level enemies in a castle
Cave dungeon. A treasure chest... and something else
Look, I'd totally convert to Catholicism, but I can't... err... concentrate on religion right now
Ancient castle dungeon
Shami checks out her healing magic as some nasty-looking enemies appear
Mountain pass
Finally, we found Shami's sister
The game's enemies are very impressive. This boss dragon looks really beautiful
These are the strongest enemies in the game
Final dungeon. Shami is alone, trying to find Viga among all those mirrors...

Sharp X68000 version

There is only one town to explore, but it contains quite a few important places...
...such as blacksmith's...
...and armor shop with a cool-looking seller
Shami's house
This king looks sharp. Might need a shave, though
On the world map
Battle against low-level creatures
The first boss in the game is a total pushover
Forest dungeon
Viga is ready to hack at naked female winged demons and intimidating snakes
Quite an impressive arsenal at level 22
Some places on the map are tricky
Abandoned castle dungeon - my personal favorite
Scary dudes are about to face Shami's magic
Cave dungeon. Treasure chests
She is on fire!..