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Atari STASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Mar, 1986)
Die Animationen dieses Abenteuerspiels ist gut gelungen, die Eigenschaften des 16-Bitters (in diesem Fall des Atari 520 ST) wurden gut ausgenutzt. Die Graphic läßt sich mit denen von C-64, Spectrum oder Schneider beileibe nicht mehr vergleichen. Man erlebt mit Brataccas ein spannendes (wenn auch nicht einfach zu lösendes), rätselhaftes, farbenprächtiges und soundmäßig überzeugendes Abenteuer.
Atari STPopular Computing Weekly (Jan 16, 1986)
On the whole, though, Brataccas is very good indeed. The main puzzle will take a long time to solve, involving as it does the discovery of the various objects you'll need in your quest (some you'll find, others you'll have to fight for). You'll also need to learn about the different characters - who can you trust? Who merits a quick taste of cold steel? But above and beyond all that are the graphics. It is difficult to imagine Brataccas on the Spectrum or the Commodore 64 - the detail is simply beyond 8-bit hardware. In comparison with what has gone before, Brataccas is stunning and great news for software starved ST owners.
Atari STANTIC (Jun, 1986)
Brataccas by England's Psygnosis Limited is an animated adventure game with ambitious graphics. Your character is Kyne, a hero with a price on his head. You move through many rooms, gather proof of a government plot and try to stay alive. Meanwhile, the 60-odd inhabitants of this world are moving as well-and time rolls on.