Braveland Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu - A gentle ballad starts playing in the background.
Difficulty setting - Hard obviously!
Intro - Humble beginnings.
Intro - Bandits. A peaceful life meets an end.
Intro - A hero is born.
Game start - The player can move the character to the nearest location. Moving there will uncover the next event.
New recruits - Acquired peasants, pitchforks and all.
Combat - New enemy units will be notified before combat starts.
Combat - First combat scene, tutorial on movement.
Combat - Spoils of war. Fallen units will automatically be revived using gold.
Looks like a new batch of archers ready to join the ranks.
Leveling Up - When the hero gains enough experience, a bonus may be selected from two possible selections. Additional different bonuses may become available at the next level.
Combat - Archer tutorial for ranged combat.
Shop - Some locations offer recruitment services to the player, to increase the squad size.
Character sheet - Basic information on the hero's stats and equipment slots.
Equipment - Selecting an equipment slot on the character sheet will list available equipment for that slot. Here is a list of head gear that may be equipped.
Combat - Fighting against the bandit's mini-boss and his minions.
Special attacks - Most units have special attacks that recharge or have limited uses when used in combat. Highlighted here is the Arrow of Fury special attack of archers.
Special attack - Using the Arrow of Fury against another ranged unit.
Special attack - Preparing trackers to throw daggers at those nice looking snow doggies.
Squad - Arrange formations and choose which units to use in the squad. Active units are located at the lower bar.
Approaching obelisks will offer a one time stat increase to the hero.