BRAVOMAN: Binja Bash! Screenshots

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iPad version

Title screen
While the game does more installation stuff, you get to read comics
Yet another loading screen
And so the game begins... with a boss battle?!?
Luckily it's just the game tutorial
However, the annoying game tutorial then segues into the actual game's plot...
Loading screen, featuring nifty artwork
Time to get this thing started
Bravoman will constantly run forward; hit the green star to make him use his arm and the white arrow to jump up
Bravoman will fight various little robot dudes, both scary and not-so-scary
Take enough damage and Bravoman goes down for the count
Even when it's game over, you still get to keep the robot parts you collected
Main menu
Hero Builder, where you start with only Bravoman unlocked
As you collect more parts, you can unlock more characters
Game achievements
Buy game "upgrades"