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Brawl Brothers

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Wii U

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Platform Votes Score
SNES 7 3.9
Wii 1 5.0
Wii U Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined User Score 8 4.0

Critic Reviews

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SNESNintendo Magazine System UK
An outstanding beat 'em up which suffers on a few minor accounts but is still most certainly worth checking out.
SNESGamePro (US)
While Brawl Brothers is an obvious Final Fight knock-off its a good one. If it had a greater variety of enemies, it might well have taken out the current 16-bit beat-em-up champ, Streets of Rage 2. Video vigilantes who've polished off other games should bring Brawl Brothers into their family.
SNESPower Unlimited
De graphics van Brawl Brothers zijn uitstekend. Ze halen bijna de kwaliteit van de graphics van de arcadegames van 1993. De gameplay mag dan iets minder zijn, het is nog steeds een prima spel.
If you compare Brawl Brothers with some of the other old brawlers already on sale in the Wii Shop (like Sega's Streets of Rage 2), then it still isn't the most sensational genre option. But it is a big step-up from its own direct predecessor, and there are enough improvements made here that anyone looking for a fresh fighting fix could invest eight bucks for this Brawl and not feel at all bad about it.
There are so many beat-'em-ups littering the software shelves these days it's difficult to know which ones are worth buying. Rushing Beat Run is challenging, looks good and sounds great - it gets a thumb up from me!
SNESMega Fun
Ich hatte eigentlich gar nicht mehr erwartet, daß die Brawl Brothers doch noch aus Japan zu uns stoßen würden. Sei‘s drum. Man merkt dem Modul jedenfalls an, daß es schon über ein Jahr Bewährungsprobe in Japan hinter sich hat, was im Videospielbereich schon ein halbe Ewigkeit sein kann. Ein paar Schlagkombos, ein Sprungtritt sowie ein energiezehrender Special Move reichen heutzutage nicht mehr aus, um Ottonormalspieler auf längere Sicht zu faszinieren. Die merkwürdigen, untersetzten Figuren mit ihren überdimensionalen Schuhgrößen empfand ich schon im ersten Teil als eher peinlich. Genauso verhält es sich mit den Soundeffekten. Fazit: Zu zweit ganz passabel, alleine wird es aber schnell öde.
SNESPower Play
Spielerisch wuseln die Brawl Brothers zwar im oberen Drittel der Prügelwertungsskala, für eine Aufstieg in die High-End-Riege fehlt jedoch die nötige Abwechslung. Die Gegnertypen wiederholen sich ständig, der Level-Aufbau auf Dauer zu eintönig, um zu motivieren. Von den Schlägen reicht meist einer aus, um den Finsterlingen zu entgehen.
SNESVideo Games
Brawl Brothers gehört zu den besseren Vertretern des Mittelfelds, gefällt mir aber nicht so gut wie der Vorgänger. Bei Rushing Beat habt Ihr Euch durch leicht modifizierte Final Fight-Kulissen gekämpft, diesmal macht Ihr eine futuristische Großstadt samt Unterwelt und Kanalisation unsicher. Die Animationen sind nicht besser und wirken teilweise sehr unsauber. Trotz des größeren Feind- und Spielfigurenangebots verspricht es weniger Spaß als Rushing Beat. Die Hintergründe ändern sich selten und auf die Endgegner wartet Ihr ewig.
WiiNintendo Life
Brawl Brothers is a noticeable improvement over Rival Turf!, but it's still not good enough to match up to the best beat 'em ups around. It plays quite a bit better and has some more variety in terms of the stages and playable characters, but all the little annoyances stack up in the end to slightly drag down what would otherwise be a good alternative to the likes of Final Fight and Streets of Rage.
SNESVideo Game Den
All in all, Rushing Beat Ran has a nice variety of stages and enemies and it really stands out of the beat'em up crowd. I personally prefer the Japanese version, the maze-like stages from the American version really slows down the pace of the game. But the Japanese version is unlockable from the American version, so it may end up being a better choice as you actually end up with two games in one.
SNESSuper Play (UK)
Two can play at once, which can be fun. The graphics are colourful and nicely designed, with some nifty backgrounds. There are attempts to break up the gameplay a bit - notably things like mines on the ground, holes in the floor and that gun you can pick up. In fact, as beat- 'em-ups go this is a pretty good one. Overall verdict: Well, it's another scrolling beat-'em-up, innit? It looks a bit smarter than most, but is just as boring as these things always are, and can only be recommended to committed fans
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Brawl Brothers would have made a very good Final Fight clone, but whenever the designers tried to get creative they just shot themselves in the foot.
WiiDefunct Games
Brawl Brothers is the shallow experience that you expect from this type of arcade experience. You've been here before and fought gang members that look oddly similar to what is on display in this game. Having said that, I did have fun speeding through the various levels. This is especially fun with a second-player, though not enough to warrant the eight dollar asking price. Brawl Brothers is neither great nor terrible, it's just another middling game in a genre known for its mediocrity.