Advertising Blurbs
    This vividly graphical ballfest allows you to play against a whole host of opponents as well as 'realpeople' (c)1996 (ie. other human beings). Singles or doubles, competing in one-off competitions or the 17 tournament 'Super Cup', players have the Break Point Tennis world at their feet. Fully rendered 3D environments and players brings Break Point Tennis to life - in fact it's a whole lot more exciting than a lifetime of Summers at Wimbledon. Four court surfaces provide the variety while the 'Action Replay' feature lets you view those stunning shots from any angle and even see them frame-by-frame.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66885) on Apr 22, 2005.

Back of Jewel Case (Europe):
    Real life action dynamics on courts that look played on. Pre-defined characters, up to eight player tournaments, full 3D motion capture and true control responses every single second. Play it the way you want, if you think you can.

    Contributed by Evilhead (1182) on Apr 20, 2005.