Breakers Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen
Like in wrestling
Special attack
Shining attack effects
Finish him
Little boom
Air attack
Fight lost
Super speed
Super combo finish
Death from above
Something gone wrong
Winner's speech
Tia clone - Shelly
Another super move finish
Wild jump
Pielle's special attack
Pielle's speech
Flame fist
Retaliation attack
In Egypt
Long limbs
Final boss
He is quite powerful

Neo Geo version

How to Play
Character Selection
Fighting Tia, the woman with the best legs
Tia grabs onto Condor
Fighting Dao-Long
Zoned out
How can a guy take 13 powerful hits?
Fighting Alsion III
Alsion headbutts Condor's leg with brute strength
Fighting Maherl
Condor turns into a red-hot statue
A blue version of Maherl
Fighting Sho
Fighting Pielle
Pielle is surrounded by a ring of emeralds
Fighting Gigars
Fighting Rila
Rila turned herself into a cat
"Get off me, you bitch!"
Fighting Bai-Hu
Game Over