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Updated version has similar gameplay, but with a bit of variation Windows *Katakis* (37843)

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Platform Votes Score
Macintosh 2 4.5
PlayStation 1 5.0
Windows 4 3.9
Combined MobyScore 7 4.2

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Who would have thought that the classic brick-breaking game, Breakout, could have a story involving dragons, sheep, evil paddles, and trips to the moon? But beneath this hook and 3D graphics is a game that is true to its soothing, ball-bouncing roots.
Breaking out has never been this much fun before! For those of us who remember the original Breakout, trust me when I say that this version of Breakout by Hasbro blows the other one away. Breakout will take you through castle walls, pyramids and even barnyards all in beautiful Technicolor 3D! Once you start the game, you know you are in for hours and hours of challenge and fun.
MacintoshMac Gamer
The reason Breakout has existed for so long and with such popularity is that it’s good, simple fun. This latest from MacSoft is certainly no exception, so anyone who originally enjoyed the addictive gameplay of the original game should feel right at home. Breakout, upon its upcoming release, will also make a well-used gift for any of the younger generation. If you think you can live with the chirping and squeaking made by the game’s characters, certainly nab this title at your favorite retailer.
PlayStationAtari HQ
Basically, if you enjoyed Pong, Breakout will provide you with similar thrills. The game has kept the same whimsical nature of Pong, and the elements which made Pong so popular are also carried over in Breakout.
PlayStationPSX Nation
For the hardcore gamer out there, the challenge of "Breakout" is to play the levels to such perfection that the highest of 11 rankings (SuperStart) is constantly achieved throughout the game, which is no easy task when the ranking goes down every time a ball is lost. But for the rest of us, "Breakout" is an affordable time waster on which to kill a few hours without wasting too many brain cells or thoughts. It's a reborn oldie that, thankfully, has remained a goodie. We recommend it cautiously, especially for the $20 asking price.
WindowsPC Joker
Und noch ein Oldie-Revival, allerdings ein stark modernisiertes: Wo man einst per Schläger und Ball bloß Steinwände abtrug. schlägt man sich nun durch Hindernisse in Ägypten, auf Farmen usw.. Der überall abprallende Flummi durchbricht hier auch Kisten, Schafe oder Hühner, was wegen der neuen 3D-Grafik durchaus witzig anzusehen ist. Niedliche Zwischensequenzen, spaßige Zusatzspielchen (etwa eine Floßfahrt mit lustigem Entenschubsen), die Multiballfunktion, originelle Endgegner und ein hervorragender Soundtrack kitzeln das Letzte aus der alten Idee. Und wenn sich bis zu vier Keilenschwinger um eine Tastatur scharen, kommt richtig Freude auf: digitales Pingpong mit Witz.
WindowsAbsolute Games (
Удачный римейк вышел, жаль, коротковат. Но если за вашим компьютером обитаете не только вы, но и жители Земли (до)школьного возраста, то им игра понравится гораздо больше, и проходить ее они будут дольше. Мультиплеерный (и веселый!!! Аплодисментов заслуживает хотя бы уровень с загоняемыми на насесты курицами!) режим игры за одним компьютером наверняка поможет занять время всей вашей компании, пока на кухне заваривается чаек. Разнообразие и море хорошего настроения гарантированы. Что еще нужно от простой аркады?
WindowsGame Over Online
When the sun sets and the day is done, this newly redesigned edition of Breakout is a fun little game. Unfortunately, the emphasis in that sentence is placed on 'little'. Breakout is a little too short and sweet, due to the relative ease of many of the levels found in the game. The mixture of ball types and power-ups, along with the level design, certainly helps create a varied gaming experience, but unless you're a big fan of the original Breakout, this particular edition isn't addictive enough to overcome the overall lack of gameplay.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Strichmännchen Bouncer, der Held des Spiels, muss eine Vielzahl von Abschnitten heil überstehen und seine Freunde den Klauen des Fieslings Batnix entreißen.
Breakout ist ein kleines unterhaltsames Spiel, welches man leider sehr schnell durchspielen kann. Zugreifen sollten nur Fans des Originals, oder Eltern, die ein unterhaltsames Spiel für ihre Kinder suchen.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Spielhallenveteranen kennen ihn noch, den Breakout-Automaten. Das ebenso simple wie spaßige Spielprinzip: Ein Ball fliegt zwischen einer Mauer und einem Schläger hin und her. Mit jedem Treffer schlägt er einen Stein aus der Mauer, bis alles leer geräumt ist. Jetzt schickt Hasbro ein fein in 3D herausgeputztes und mit Zwischenspielchen aufgelockertes Remake ins Rennen.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
After you think you have beaten Breakout, the game is still not over. After the credits roll, you'll be given a crack at playing a round of Breakout patterned closely after the original. This is a nice touch, but it doesn't go far enough. Beating all of the levels doesn't exactly unlock the original game as you only get to break down one wall of bricks, and then the game will end. After completing the game, you can break down this wall of bricks any time you want, but it is still just one wall of bricks. Contrast this with the PS remake of Space Invaders in which you can find a replica of the original Space Invaders game in its entirety.
WindowsGame Captain
Eines steht fest: Sie sind nie totzukriegen. Die alten Klassiker, die sich als Meister des Klonens von Computergeneration zu Computergeneration fortpflanzen. Wie viele seiner alten Kollegen hat nun auch das Spiel Breakout den Sprung in die 3. Dimension geschafft. Ich bezweifle nicht, dass es das erste dreidimensionale Breakout ist, aber diesmal kommt es von Hasbro Interactive. Auch an dieser Stelle sei für alle Unwissende das Spielprinzip noch einmal erklärt: Man steuert bei Breakout einen Schläger am unteren Bildschirmrand, um am oberen Bildschirmteil befindende Steinblöcke mit einer Kugel abzuräumen. Als ich das Spiel zum Testen erhielt, war für mich schon fast klar, dass sich trotz neuer Grafik nicht viel aus dem alten Prinzip rausholen liesse. Trotzdem sollte ich eines Besseren belehrt werden.
Breakout peut paraître construit sur une base mince et un concept suranné, mais il s'en tire finalement très bien, grâce à une grande originalité et beaucoup d'imagination dans ses tableaux. La présence des mini-jeux intermédiaires, la difficulté progressive et le jeu en écran partagé finissent de convaincre les plus sceptiques. Trop facile et résolument enfantin dans le ton, Breakout est toutefois réservé au jeune public.
Breakout is hampered by more than a few annoying glitches, obscurities and missing information, but is still an enjoyable game I can highly recommend--even moreso after a bug patch and a more thorough manual come out. All in all, it's another solid entry in the return of the Atari line.
WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Die alte Spielidee ist aber höchstens was für die Kaffeepause im Büro.
Breakout isn't a particularly bad game, nor is it particularly good. The same repetitive gameplay from years ago has returned, camouflaged underneath some average polygonal graphics. If you still don't have your Atari 2600 lying around and you miss this sort of simplistic fun, Breakout may be worth a rental. And while Breakout is a fine starter game for young kids attempting to get a handle on their hand-eye coordination, all others might want to pass on this one.
Whether it was trying to capture a new generation of Breakout fans or simply an assumption that the traditional Breakout theme was in need of a renovation, MacSoft's Breakout falls far short of achieving a new, successful formula for the arcade classic. Those expecting a new Breakout utilizing the proven gameplay standards of the original with updated, modern graphics will be sorely disappointed.
MacintoshInside Mac Games (IMG)
Breakout is an interesting animal. It’s a good concept that could have been so much more. Unfortunately for several reasons it is not an outstanding title on the Family game landscape: length, difficulty, variety. It tries too hard to be clever and falls short of its full potential.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
Certain actions send more bricks over to your opponent's side, and it's incredibly frustrating when your wall is regenerating faster than you can smash it. Like Pong, Breakout begs for a paddle controller, and the analog or digital controls aren't responsive enough, especially when you're trying to keep multiple balls in play. Hasbro tried to do to Breakout what they did with Pong, but this time they came up short.
WindowsPC Zone
Assuming for a moment that we never expected much anyway, we still came away disappointed. So far Hasbro has soiled the memory of many a fine game, from Pong to Missile Command and even the once mighty Galaga. For God's sake, if you want to play old games, download an emulator. And if you want some Breakout action, play DX-Ball 2 instead by going to