Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
The intro, showing a heavily wandering Ryu, reflects well the game's grim atmosphere
Intro: Nina appears
Intro: a taste of dragons to come!
Intro: introducing Lin
Even the naming process is arranged as a grim procedure in a totalitarian regime
Cutscenes feature such comic book-like dialogue bubbles
Ryu starts as a lowly Genic hunter - these are the headquarters
Outside of the headquarters, you can clearly see the walls of the gigantic cave - and this is the Low Sector
Desolate train station
Early battle. Displaying movement range
Arrived at a somewhat higher-level settlement
Assigning skills to weapons
Selecting traps to use
Setting Nina as the main character - note the visible enemies ahead
Attacks are zoomed on during combat - see Lin shooting the monster
There are plenty of weapons and equipment to buy
This mini-game involves managing an ant colony
Displaying area affect of a supportive spell
In a somewhat more high-tech dungeon - watch Lin shooting boxes!
This is as close as the game ever comes to urban environments
Some scenes will only become available if you play through the game more than once