Breath of Fire III Screenshots

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PlayStation version

Title screen
A very short and vague intro
The game's first scene: a little dragon is being released from the ice...
The first world map region of the game is green and lush
Early party consists just of Ryu and Teepo. The latter casts Flare on this slime
Greenpeace, right? Flower power, dude...
Ryu delivers a devastating final blow to this colorful man trap. Come on, take it like a man!..
One of the early-encountered towns in the game - looks peaceful enough...
It's just you and me here, in front of three beds... alone... maybe we could... watch "Modern Family"?!
Shopping. The seller clearly needs a shave
I wonder what we expected... still, it's nice to be able to at least try talking to scarecrows!..
Later in the game you access a new region called Lost Shore - this is its major town
Rei here casts a powerful lightning-based spell in a high-tech dungeon
Exploring a seemingly abandoned battleship
We all know this platform isn't there just for show... teleportation must ensue!
The game's middle part take us to Ryu's childhood... this here is just a tent with a save point
Main party screen with some colorful characters
Character's personal attributes
Urkan region overworld
Battle against fierce warriors in front of a tower entrance. Note the preparations for the attack...
Towns in this part of the game have a somewhat exotic feel
Fishing mini-game
Camping. Talking to your companions
Open-field mid-game battle; Mono opens her healing spell list
Discovered a secluded house with some fairies
The grim Junk Town has an almost post-apocalyptic vibe
Opening the main battle menu in a cave encounter. Note the weird angles
Mountain pass battle. Here it is, finally - Ryu has transformed into a dragon!..
Locations get progressively darker and more sci-fi-oriented as the game advances
You'll eventually be able to custom-make powerful dragon transformation types
Where are we going, my friends?..
Finally, we are back to nature - and even some animals!..
Hmm, aren't those the same pictures we've seen in the intro?..
Nina can use magic, indeed. Ice magic is what she chooses here
The obligatory late-game almost-organic, way-into-sci-fi dungeon

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Selecting spot in Fishing mode
Casting in Fishing mode
Player vs Fish combat in Fishing mode
Catch in Fishing mode
Breath of Fire
Dragon in cage on train.
Naked Ryu surrounded by wolves
World map
Fighting against Currs.
Gallery Mode
Casting death spell!
Attacking man trap
Boss Goblin use Influence skill
Fighting Goo!
Party screen
Equipment screen
Brake of dragon crystal prison
Inside house