Bretonne Lays

Bretonne Lays Screenshots

PC-98 version

Title screen
Floating islands...
...and magic await you in the game
Scenario selection
Choosing a character
Shaping the character
Intro to the first scenario
The king talks to you
Quiet area of the town
This place is closed down
In the palace
Nice furniture!
Chatting with people at the local bar
Town exploration at night
Lovely view
Fighting pesky enemies
Not much to do in this part of the town
Exploring a forest at night
Desert area
The heroine seems lost...
More legends...
An NPC has joined
Dramatic scene with a dragon
Mountain area

Bretonne Lays Screenshots

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
More intro
Main menu, before you can play you need to create a user disk
And then create a character
Start of the game
Talking with an old woman
Rescuing a bunch of people who were locked up in here
Browsing the weapon & armor selection in this shop
Me and my fellow NPC fighting a skeleton in the forest
When you die at least you get a gravestone